Mohammed bin Zayed: He controls terrorist organizations. He funds regional terrorism. He established execution squads. He plans assassinations. He organizes coups. His partners in Turkey, his money trails, his media network, social media trolls must be revealed. From now on, he will be held responsible for every terror attack, every murder in Turkey - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Mohammed bin Zayed: He controls terrorist organizations. He funds regional terrorism. He established execution squads. He plans assassinations. He organizes coups. His partners in Turkey, his money trails, his media network, social media trolls must be revealed. From now on, he will be held responsible for every terror attack, every murder in Turkey

05 May 2020, 10.58
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) administration and its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed are fighting against Turkey, across the entire region.

He supports the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Daesh in Syria. He has al-Shabaab attack Turkish elements in Somalia. He supports Khalifa Haftar’s terrorist organization in Libya. He is carrying on a cutthroat war against Turkey through Haftar.

He's distributing money, arms to all anti-Turkey terrorist organizations

He supports any and every anti-Turkey terrorist organization, political leader, political circle and party, civil society organizations, religious movements, capital groups, as well as covert and overt enemies.

He builds partnerships with them, calls them to the anti-Turkey front; he is the one organizing this war.

He provides funds to all known terrorist organizations in the region. He not only supplies them with weapons but also transfers money to them so they can purchase weapons. He ensures the coordination between them.

He plots against Turkey in all the regions that it has an active presence and all countries with which it has close ties. He shapes fronts and produces chaos. He spreads incredible rumors to turn those countries against Turkey.

He controls execution teams, plans assassinations, plots coups

He has a coup staged in Sudan, hence sabotaging Turkey-Sudan relations. He is dividing Yemen, instigating a horrific civil war, and invading part of Yemen. He is trying to divide Libya. He is running Haftar’s terrorist organization in efforts to appoint a dictator to the country; he is moving his terrorist organizations to Libya for this purpose. He is making continuous coup attempts in Qatar. He is conducting covert operations, committing murders, and controlling execution teams. He is carrying out dark operations with U.S. security companies, Russian mercenary soldiers, and Israeli intelligence. He strikes every country that disturbs Israel with terrorism.

This man is controlling regional terror traffic. His sole power is his money. He acts in cooperation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman while exploiting Saudi Arabia’s financial and political power on the side. Tracing the money trail would reveal all of this man’s dirty laundry.

His terror network, murder network, money network must be exposed

This man’s terror network must be exposed. His murder and assassination teams need to be revealed. All the covert operations he has been conducting across the region, his black money trail, terror financing transactions, arms trade, and intelligence network must be revealed.

This man’s capital network and his partners within Turkey, the groups he finances, the channels and countries used to funnel the money through must be uncovered. His contacts within Turkey, whether they are secularists, conservatives, nationalists or affiliated with the PKK, must be revealed without a moment’s delay.

His media network in Turkey, countries involved in funneling money, his social media network must all be exposed

It is a matter of urgency that the civil society organizations he has partnered up with, the political parties he is in contact with, his cooperations through Saudi Arabia, and the amount of money he funnels to these organizations and groups through the U.K., Canada, the U.S., and Europe be revealed.

The influence area of his army of trolls on social media, how his social media network was established, whom he works with in the media sector, his digital investment fields, agencies, the companies established to fund them all must be identified.

He is going to be held responsible for every terrorist attack, every murder in Turkey

From today onward, the UAE and Mohammed bin Zayed will be responsible for every PKK attack in Idlib and all of Syria, every attack targeting our presence in Somalia, every attack targeting our presence in Libya, and every terrorist attack that may occur in Turkey.

From now on, this man’s fingerprints will be looked for in every terrorist attack, every murder, and every assassination in the region. This man is going to be held responsible for every attack and murder that may, God forbid, target politicians and journalists in Turkey.

New form of threat: Tutelage countries turned some states into terrorist organizations

Turkey and the region are facing a serious threat. This threat comes from some of the states in the region. However, since they use terrorist methods despite appearing to be “states,” the identification of the threat and danger needs to be taken extremely seriously.

Such that, the threats that we have been identifying through the U.S., some European countries, and Israel so far, were based on controlling the tutelage in our region, to restructure the region, to oppress the objecting countries and eliminate their leaders, to drag countries to civil war, to leave them helpless, to make them kneel and take over.

Of course, covert operations, terror methods and organizations were used in the most effective manner to achieve this aim. In recent years, all such operations started to directly target Turkey.

Just as they were a century ago: Against Turkey, on the Crusader front once again

The colonialist tradition that goes back centuries, the powers and alliances that targeted the Ottoman Empire in World War I have currently been reformatted for modern day Turkey.

The certain Arab families back then that were on the colonialists’ side against Turkey, that were involved in the Crusader alliance against the Muslim world, later grew prodigiously. They are now the colonial regimes of the present. While they were on the colonialist front as a “family,” as a “tribe” back then, they are on the same front again now as regimes.

They are against Turkey and on the Crusader front once more, and are carrying on an extremely dirty war against our country.

Three men of the ‘Israeli Middle East’: They want to divide Yemen, Libya, Sudan today; then Tunisia, Algeria tomorrow

This is the summary of the Mohammed bin Zayed, Mohammed bin Salman, and Mohammed Dahlan case. They will be carrying out even dirtier operations after this. They will plan even bloodier operations.

They cannot harm Turkey, but are going to destroy the Arab world. Many countries are going to be divided, carved into pieces because of them. Everything necessary to establish an “Israeli Middle East” is going to be conducted through this trio. They are currently working on countries like Libya, Yemen, and Sudan.

Next, they are going to start working on countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. However, the biggest, most dangerous game has been set against Saudi Arabia. They are going to destroy themselves with their own two hands. The time will come and the mission will achieve its purpose by tearing Saudi Arabia to pieces.

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