The sole problem in Syria is the US occupation. This matter directly concerns Turkey. The biggest front after WWI is being built east of the Euphrates... Defending Turkey is not only Erdoğan’s duty, but that of everyone who considers this country their homeland - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The sole problem in Syria is the US occupation. This matter directly concerns Turkey. The biggest front after WWI is being built east of the Euphrates... Defending Turkey is not only Erdoğan’s duty, but that of everyone who considers this country their homeland

12 September 2019, 10.25
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The “Syria issue” has been transformed into an issue of “U.S. occupation.” One-third of the country has been invaded by using the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh as an excuse. The issue in Syria cannot be resolved unless we focus on this definition.

The most important question should be, “What is the U.S. doing here?”

Who summoned it to Syria and how did it justify its arrival?

A country is openly being invaded step-by-step. This is not Syria’s problem alone. It is the entire region’s problem. It will lead to heavy consequences concerning the whole region, to an extent we are unable to guess. Everybody needs to be prepared for this.

The US occupation in Syria is a ‘Turkey problem’

The main source of all Turkey’s security concerns is the U.S. occupation in Syria. This is where the great and most imminent threat is coming from. Everybody who “cares about Turkey” urgently needs to think this matter through and act.

The U.S. occupation in Syria is a “Turkey problem.” Because this war was launched to open the “Turkey front.” Ever since that day we are trying to close this front. If we want to solve Turkey’s security problems, the U.S. occupation in Syria needs to end first.

The U.S. occupation in Syria is a reality that goes much beyond the political identities in Turkey and that is how it should be perceived.

We have no other choice but to jointly put forth a stance and produce a joint mentality against that occupation today, regardless of who stands where.

They’re building the biggest front after World War I

If that occupation does not end, Turkey’s security will be under constant threat. It will become even more dangerous in the future than it is today. Everything we discussed through the PKK and terrorism is part of the construction of a “Turkey front.” Therefore, this is a national issue, it is our common problem.

Hence, there is no need to look at the future. It will be sufficient to be aware of today’s developments. The zone spanning the Iranian border, the Mediterranean, Iraq and all of northern Syria is the construction of a front.

This is the biggest front targeting Turkey after World War I. Everybody trying to “normalize” this front through various justifications are trying to destroy our country’s future.

The front’s ‘inside leg.’ None of them question the occupation

Forming the internal leg of this front, keeping the danger out of our people’s minds, cooperating with the occupation in our south, and concealing these behind grand statements and “sermons of justice,” are treachery as we know it.

The front within is being formatted for open war, to facilitate the task of those abroad. Nobody is voicing any objection to “Why the U.S. is here.”

There may be those who think along the lines of the PKK and Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) axis. However, there is a multinational setup much beyond the PKK and HDP, and it is being implemented. The main target of the setup is not Iran but Turkey.

Because only Turkey can activate the whole region. Only Turkey can build a new region and history. Only Turkey has the strength to achieve this. Hence, Turkey is considered a “threat.” Hence, plans are being made to slow it down, to obstruct and shrink it.

To those asking, ‘Why should we care about Syria?’; we are actually discussing Turkey.

They may say, “Why should we care about Syria?” But in reality, this is not a Syria issue. A major threat is swiftly approaching and even at this moment we are within range of that threat. One does not even want to think about the next step. Because we saw an example of this on the July 15 coup attempt.

A weapons buildup in the north of Syria is not the only thing being done; the “inside front” is also rapidly being strengthened. Thus, “normalizing” this inside front, standing in solidarity with it has got nothing to do with discussions of internal politics.

Just as this is Turkey’s priority, it must also be the main target of Syria, Iran, Russia and the regional countries. Regardless of the scenarios, proposals, solutions and suggestions put forth, at the final point, this is where the solution lies.

Is it Erdoğan’s job alone to defend this country? What are you doing?

Defending this country is not solely the duty of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and those supporting him. This is why he is primarily being targeted and facing attacks and betrayal. He is being targeted by the “inside front” and by global forces for strengthening the “Turkey axis.”

Defending Turkey is the duty of all who consider this country their “homeland.” Regardless of your political identity, no political plan is superior – or can be superior – to this grand duty.

Therefore, an intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria is a national issue for our country; it is a matter of defending Turkey. There is no longer a Syria problem; there are the threats Turkey is facing.

Let us decide on which side we stand accordingly.

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