The ‘Syrian’ discussion is a second trap set for Turkey. The real ‘parallel state structuring’ has just begun. They’re racing to receive tenders to betray Turkey: This is not a local ‘political opposition’ but a multinational ‘intervention.’ They are preparing to surrender Turkey, not represent it - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

The ‘Syrian’ discussion is a second trap set for Turkey. The real ‘parallel state structuring’ has just begun. They’re racing to receive tenders to betray Turkey: This is not a local ‘political opposition’ but a multinational ‘intervention.’ They are preparing to surrender Turkey, not represent it

30 July 2019, 12.23
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The mobilization of the new political opposition in Turkey has nothing to do with the formation of an internal opposition, internal political competition, the promise for better administration, or a more effective political discourse.

The tone, discourse and aim of the opposition have changed character. It has lost the aspect of being “local” and has turned into “a foreign tool.” As this is the case, it has lost its innocence and paved the way to a foreign perspective of that formation and preparations.

Its “invisible, hidden network,’ deep coup networking

They attacked with such “foreign” agendas that they also prevented political opposition through normal means and tainted its innocence. Those who have been remodeling Turkey through the “ruling government” for decades have now started to do this through the networking and alliances under the name of “opposition”; this has brought to us a new sort of “threat.”

The visible opposition alliance and the “invisible, hidden network” is a deep coup networking. You can also call this preparations for a new intervention through replacement structures after the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. What is being implemented is a project concerning taking control over Turkey through the remodeling of the state, society and the re-institution of multinational tutelage.

Everyone is in on it! Political identities are tall tales!

We are face-to-face with a situation related more to “amassing foreign power” and taming Turkey rather than seeking administration; to unconditionally confine Turkey to the Atlantic axis once again by building a power abroad and imposing it on Turkey; to keeping the country under control throughout the 21st century as well and punishing our nation, which has returned to its own historical claims.

This is why political parties belonging to the opposition are gathering under a single roof; all of them are being placed in the same common denominator with terrorist organizations and presented as a “package.”

There is a deeper, a more dangerous networking that is currently “invisible” or can only be seen by those watching very carefully, and they are not within this “package,” but are more at the center of the same project, the same covert structures.

The real parallel state structuring has just begun

Bringing out a political leader, establishing a political party is no longer a priority. Tests are being conducted on the society, the nation’s nerve ends. Efforts are being made to control social psychology. Operations are being conducted on the state and country’s principal matters.

This reveals that the character of the opposition has now become an international project, that it has nothing to do with Turkey, and that it has taken on a multinational aspect.

The real parallel state structuring has just begun. While it was previously being carried out through just the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), it is now being carried out through a much vaster circle, a deep social “front” that transcends religious movement structures.

There is a parallel society plan beyond the ‘parallel state,’ a plan concerning ‘not representation but surrender’

What is more critical is that beyond a parallel state, they are in efforts to build a parallel society. Plans are being made to reverse the nation’s will, sensitivity, stance, with a more widespread and deep-rooted “counter-attack” against the current “national” position.

The issue is not about the Justice and Development Party (AK Party). This issue transcends political parties. This is what is dangerous about it. It is not a matter of who is going to ascend to power, but who will surrender Turkey to whom and how. They are preparing not for “representation” but for “surrender.”

They are camouflaging this with a search for an “oppositional” discourse that will seem rightful and innocent. Hence, the discussion about the AK Party renewing itself is being ignited to such an extent to hide and conceal this fact.

Why does nobody ask ‘Why are they taking on such projects’!

Because this is the best way to hide the question, “Why is the opposition like this, why is it undertaking such roles, such projects, why is it firing from the multinational front?” That discourse, that “organized criticism” is being spread solely to promote the project to be implemented socially.

This networking is related to Turkey’s past and future, its fate. It is dragging a country to take on the “hitman” role for the interests of “foreign” regions once again. It is an inside intervention to “stop Turkey.”

Terrifying, sly, widespread networking

To achieve this end, a detailed networking is being carried out and it encompasses state bureaucracy to nongovernmental organizations, media (including state-owned media outlets) to certain religious movements, liberals to the leftists, and Islamists to the conservatives.

A horrific operation is being conducted through political identities that appear to be disparate from one another, through groups that are fixed on the same target through a complex match. The infrastructure of the new wave is being prepared. If you look at it as just the FETÖ terror group and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), you cannot possibly see this structuring.

The “internal invasion” attempts that were made so far, that were later attempted by terrorist organizations and conservative-looking groups such as FETÖ, are now continuing with the calibration of very different political groups and identities gathering around a common purpose. We are going to see attempts at this in the near future.

The ‘inside intervention’ front sends signals to the PKK, says let Turkey struggle, let there be room for us

This “inside intervention” front is absolutely against an operation on the east of the Euphrates in Syria. It is sending signals to the PKK. It is secretly supporting the anti-Turkey front in that region.

They do not say a single word supporting Turkey’s plans in the East Mediterranean. They never talk about the arming in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), in the Mediterranean, or the extension of the corridor in the north of Syria to the Mediterranean. All they care about is seeing “Turkey struggle, so there is room made for them.” This is not only ill intention; even if they do not speak it, they support the U.S., Israel and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) plans. Because that is where the project is coming from, that is where the betrayal brews.

They are with the US on the S-400s; they want Turkey, Russia to fight

They never sided with Turkey on the S-400 issue. They were completely the mouthpiece of the U.S. concerning the F-35 fighter jets. Because they are in the same position today as those who had FETÖ down the Russian aircraft to break out a war between Turkey and Russia. They want to sour ties between Turkey and Russia to make room for the U.S. and Israel. Because, according to their plan, they are going to be handed power by the U.S.

They invested in the economic crisis. They thought they could thus get the people to revolt and turn against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The crisis was being promoted by their bosses and they had taken on the psychological intervention within.

They prevented interest rates from falling through their own bureaucrats. Interest rates, inflation, and foreign exchange would be higher; the economy would be taken hostage. The operation would be more fragile, mass dissatisfaction would rise, thus preparing the ground of an inside intervention.

The ‘mind’ that started the Syria war, the mind that started the ‘Syrian’ crisis are one and the same.

They are both promoted by the same group. Now they are all anti-Erdoğan

We can list numerous more examples. But I will give one last example. They are also the ones controlling the ”Syrians” debate today. The mentality that started this debate and the one that started the Syria war are one and the same.

Those promoting this debate inside Turkey and those promoting the Syria war inside Turkey are the same groups. Almost all of the circles involved in both situations are also part of the opposition formation within.

They are setting a trap against Turkey through this debate for the second time. Syrians were the only group that eliminated the anti-Turkey sentiment they built in the region. Now they are taking that away from Turkey too. Strangely, conservative groups are being used effectively in this project – just as the Syria war is being promoted through them.

Not the ‘opposition’ but an ‘intervention.’ Not a ‘party’ but a ‘Turkey negotiation.’ Not ‘local’ but ‘multinational’ character

All these examples are the result of the search for a new “opposition,” or rather that of the networking of an “inside intervention.” They are playing with nerve ends, causing confusion and political blindness, damaging social awareness, and preparing the infrastructure of a multinational intervention.

This is not an “opposition” but “intervention” structuring.

This is not a quest for “representation” but a search for “surrender.”

This is not a “party” but a negotiation of “Turkey.”

This is not a ‘local’ but ‘multinational’ character.

Therefore, our nation will eliminate this plan as well.

Let us watch and see who will then be banished from history.

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