Let the US burn so that the world can breathe! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Let the US burn so that the world can breathe!

01 June 2020, 12.02
Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan

One police officer pinned down a black civilian with a knee to his neck and killed him. Ruthlessly! What’s more is that he was aware he was being recorded!

It seems this inhumane, chilling black murder that took place in Minneapolis is going to lead the U.S. to a revolution.

For now, in some states and cities, including Minneapolis and Los Angeles, where the black population is high, people have flocked to the streets regardless of their race, and without heeding the global coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, rightfully so!


You will no doubt object, claiming it is easy to say, “Let the U.S. burn so the world can breathe.

Yet, let it be known that the U.S. is going to go out with a bang. It may not happen now. But this is how it will collapse, I am sure of it.

This is the example set by pagan civilization experiences throughout history; a Pagan civilization starts withdrawing from history once it hits the peak of its power.

The most typical example of this is the Hellenistic Empire suddenly collapsing and withdrawing from history upon Alexander the Great’s death, right when it had reached its zenith.

The moment a pagan civilization reaches its peak, it also reaches its weakest point: it becomes monstrous, blinded by power, out of control, sanctifies the world and its power, crosses the line, turns the region it has power over into a bloodbath, turns the world into purgatory, carries out savage wars, murders, and massacres. As a result, it brings about its own end.

The East Mediterranean region, spanning the Adriatic and the Black Sea, is the world’s most fertile region both in terms of seas, streams and lands.

The pagan Greeks were unable to develop a concept of justice and equity that would unite 200 colonies and have them co-exist.

The Romans overcame the Greeks’ shortsightedness of being confined into a city-state. But how? According to great historian Fernand Braudel’s spectacular definition, by establishing an “armed peace order.” Rome had its laws, but it was a law that protected the rights of the powerful, the sovereign. The Roman order was established, but its borders were drawn in blood.


Pagans wrote history in blood; they contaminated it with blood.

They dominated the countries and people they ruled by shedding blood.

They let the rivers run red throughout history. They conducted genocides. They invaded all continents, all seas and oceans; they pillaged the world’s underground and aboveground resources! As if this were not enough, they wiped out civilizations in the continents they invaded; they ruthlessly burned people and slaughtered them.

One example is the Latin American civilizations! The Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs: they left almost no trace of them! They even burned their books; it was a major genocide!

This is why the pagan European civilization has blood all over its hands. Blood is dripping off the hands of European bandits.

This is a history written in blood, wealth gained through genocide!

Just think about it: the British economy grew exactly tenfold between 1610 and 1640.

How? When Christopher Columbus invaded America he carried its minerals and wealth to England and also sucked the blood of India through the East India Company that was established in 1602.

Whereas the Muslims who were descendants of Timur were reigning over India before the British came!

If India was not carved up when the British brought independence to India in 1947, the world’s biggest country was going to be Muslim India. They left by dividing a massive continent into pieces and getting the Sikh to slaughter Muslims.

The bloody history of colonialism is yet to be written!

The imperialist West is yet to be called to account for colonialism!

Yet, they are so impertinent as to hold Turkey responsible for the Armenian event in 1915 that they themselves invented a century ago during the Ottoman Empire’s weakest moment. It makes one go mad!

The pagan European civilization, European barbarism which sucked the world’s blood, which put humanity through genocide, is still fooling the whole world with claims of civilization, especially in our country of puppets, who are unaware of what truly happened to them, blinded by their love for their executioners.


U.S. and Europe are the children of colonialism! Since they have no history, no legacy, no philosophy, no roots, we need only look at the terrifying rapes and murders they commit in Iraq, in Abu Gharib Prison to see the magnitude of their barbarism.

The U.S. is such a rootless and soulless continent that it knows no limits to barbarism!

The U.S. will not be burned by the hands of a foreign attack! The U.S. is going to collapse from within, and with a bang! Just like all the other pagan Western civilizations! Just like the horrific example of those two imperialist powers, which reached their peak, did not hesitate after two great world wars to start barbaric wars and massacres to bury European civilization into history.

It seems like the racist murder that took place in Minneapolis is going to set the U.S. on fire in waves. I do not know if this fire will lead to the division and collapse of the U.S. But there is one thing that I do know: The U.S. is going to collapse from within, not by a foreign attack – just like the other pagan Western civilizations.

I will just say this: Rome, the monument of torture, is a graveyard now!

The U.S. is the bane of the world’s existence! Let the U.S. collapse and the world will breathe. Have no doubt about it.

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