An intervention must be conducted east of the Euphrates in Syria, ‘even if it means suicide.’ This is the only game spoiling operation both within the country and abroad. The threat is much greater than perceived. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

An intervention must be conducted east of the Euphrates in Syria, ‘even if it means suicide.’ This is the only game spoiling operation both within the country and abroad. The threat is much greater than perceived.

05 September 2019, 10.53
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

The east of the Euphrates in Syria is Turkey’s most vital area of struggle. Our country’s political future and its presence in the 21st-century depends on the essential geopolitical intervention that needs to be launched in the area.

This threat is not a terror threat but a multinational one. The form of Turkey’s fight is facing a multinational and very imminent threat, much beyond the fight against terrorism. This is a plan to re-draw maps. Nobody can stop the Turkey leg of the “map” from being brought to the table after Iraq and Syria.

Large map drafts on the table

If the materilization of this map is going to be prevented, it must be stopped today in Syria. This “map” is not simply a map limited to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), it is a global showdown, contrary to what is thought. It complements the events in the whole region.

Those drawing the region’s maps today are one and the same as those who drew them post-World War I. Just as all maps were prepared against Turkey post-World War I, they are being prepared against Turkey again today.

Had it not been for the Euphrates Shield, the Afrin operation and the operations ongoing in northern Iraq today, we would have no chance or opportunity now. Because the zone spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean was going to be an entirely Western “occupation zone.”

The first step to launch the Turkey stage of the map

The first step after this is completed will be to start the Turkey segment of the map, the zone. They are also going to take action to form a corridor from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, on the Turkey side to the Gulf of Alexandretta. They are going to take action to build a corridor and make extraordinary attempts in the country to prepare a psychological ground for this.

Therefore, the Euphrates Shield and the Afrin operations not only “delayed” the zone in the north of Syria, they also prevented an intervention inside Turkey. In this aspect, these operations stopped a major attempt targeting Turkey – for now. It struck a heavy blow on the great project aimed at transferring the map and the war in the north of Syria into Turkey.

It's impossible to implement any deal; they’re not going to keep any promises

Now, to square this account, an intervention on the east of the Euphrates is urgent and an obligation. There is no other way, and the truth of this will be revealed later.

All deals with the U.S. are aimed at stalling Turkey and buying time for the project. This is why they have not kept any of the promises they made until now, including the promise concerning Manbij. They will never keep their promises.

The last deal made with the U.S. is not going to yield any fruit either; as time passes, Turkey’s vital security problem is going to exacerbate, and after a certain point, it is going to become “uncontrollable.”

The east of Euphrates does not just encompass not Syria. It is the East Mediterranean, Aegean

The east of Euphrates does not encompass the north of Syria alone. The east of Euphrates is also the East Mediterranean. It is also the Aegean. All the world’s fleets have gathered in the East Mediterranean. Every country that planned the Syrian war and became involved in the map is there. A major game has been set, which transcends sharing Mediterranean energy resources, and this game is targeting Turkey. Plans are being made to siege our country, to stop it, to collapse the political ruling power within, and to take control of Turkey, which has returned to its own historical claims.

Designing the “internal front” right at this point is part of this major project. Regardless of political parties, regardless of political or conservative circles, everybody in our country is taking sides based on this project. Now, political identities are also being shaped in accordance with these sides.

A multinational clash against Turkey’s resistance within and abroad

Turkey’s resistance and the multinational intervention front are openly clashing. Those in the multinational front opposing an intervention on the east of the Euphrates, supporting the PKK and Fetullahist Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) theories, leaving our country isolated in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, speaking with the discourse of the intervention front attracts all our attention.

The tactical maneuvers by the U.S., Israel, their Arab partners in the region, their allies in the EU and their extensions within, have cost Turkey at least two years. I am saying this considering Turkey’s conditions and impossibilities.

Besides those tactical maneuvers, they have no chance of preventing Turkey’s intervention. It is impossible for them to openly oppose and risk this.

This is a preparation for state-to-state war: Are we still going to call it the fight against terrorism?

The weapons the U.S. and its partners in the region amassed there cannot be considered as limited to supporting terrorism. Preparations are being made for a state-to-state war, and those weapons are being gathered for a war against Turkey. How can such preparations that are made in accordance with U.S.-NATO standards have any relation to terrorism?

While French military doctors are even openly working in PKK camps, while the U.S. is openly establishing a PKK army, while those positions are being financed by French cement companies, while Saudi Arabian and UAE funds are flowing into the region, while all this is being done openly, are we still going to insist on calling it the “fight against terrorism”?

We should intervene before the project matures, before it is completed. I wrote on many occasions two years ago an intervention must be conducted “even if it means suicide.” I still maintain the same opinion. As a matter of fact, the threat is much greater today; the region is a stage to the show of force by those dying to settle scores with Turkey.

The sole action that will spoil the game, reset all plans is an intervention.

Turkey’s intervention is the sole game-spoiler. We are discussing not the present but the future

Let it be known that Turkey’s sole game-spoiling action will be a intervention. This is the only game-changer. They have made preparations based on other methods. These preparations were made based on the presupposition that Turkey would not be able to intervene, that it would not be allowed to intervene.

The concepts of history and a region are perceived as a whole and interpreted as such. When looking at today, the generations of the future are not going to care about who had what political plans. They are going to look at who stood on which side in the great historical march. We are discussing the future, not the present. From this perspective, the necessity of an intervention is inevitable.

If we do not intervene in the east of the Euphrates, if we fail to intervene, we are not going to be able to deal with the “siege” in the East Mediterranean and the threat rising there. Our hand is going to further weaken against those cornering us from the Aegean.

The Gordian Knot in Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean can be untangled in Syria. The ‘know-it-alls’ in Turkey are busy toppling Erdoğan

The path to detangling the Gordion Knot in the East Mediterranean and reducing the increasingly rising pressures from the Aegean is through the east of the Euphrates.

All Western and regional countries are carrying out drills in Jordan. The Western world’s fleet is in the waters of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Iskenderun gulf, right under our noses.

As all this takes place, the “know-it-alls” in Turkey are busy trying to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The more we turn our sights outwards, the more we are being attacked within. The more we give strength to the fight overseas, the more we are being cornered within. The more the siege abroad intensifies, the more strength of the front within is boosted.

A non-stop struggle since the Seljuk Empire. Beware of the ‘internal front’

The front does not consist of the PKK and FETÖ alone; it is goes beyond them. Frankly, even those defecting from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) are doing so in accordance with the formatting of this “internal front.” In fact, they are all being positioned against Turkey.

Turkey is going to go ahead with this great fight. It has no other choice and it also has the power to do so. Because this nation has been continuing this same fight, non-stop since the Seljuk Empire. The steps we take will be long-term. The east of the Euphrates is one of these long-term steps as well.

A major mental operation is underway to weaken and dissolve all these established orders, political organizations and nongovernmental organizations. The game set up via these organizations need to be foiled at once. We are not going to stand with those who run from the war and the front.

This is the sole game-spoiling action abroad and within the country

One front of the fight ongoing in the east of the Euphrates, the East Mediterranean and the Aegean is also inside Turkey. With the help of its ancient political mind, the foresight of its people, the political experience of its region, Turkey will win in “both fronts.” This is the only political axis today.

Once the intervention in the region starts, you will see those who will reveal themselves. That is when their true identities will be exposed. An intervention must be launched east of the Euphrates “even if it means suicide.” This is the only method that will reset all games – both those around us and in the country.

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