What will the world be like post-corona? Shock waves will hit the Pacific. A superior mind can no longer hold the EU together. German influence will gain prominence. The world must be on alert for the West’s last great lunacy. How will Turkey change? This is the strongest we’ve been in the last century. Libya, Mediterranean, Aegean: Turkey is just getting started - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

What will the world be like post-corona? Shock waves will hit the Pacific. A superior mind can no longer hold the EU together. German influence will gain prominence. The world must be on alert for the West’s last great lunacy. How will Turkey change? This is the strongest we’ve been in the last century. Libya, Mediterranean, Aegean: Turkey is just getting started

12 May 2020, 11.15
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

As soon as the epidemic calms down, the world is in store for a cutthroat showdown. Old claims are going to resurface.

As a matter of fact, the fresh enmities caused by COVID-19 are going to be diverted from the health field to the military, security, and economy fields.

The states that are currently remaining mum are in fact raging internally. The fear that the world will be engrossed by deep animosity and immeasurable fury is real.

The pursuit for a global order, the struggles of forming a world order have been prevalent ever since the end of the Cold War. The epidemic sped this up exponentially and turned it into a sort of tsunami.

Severest clashes are starting now. The West’s 4-century reign is over

The last cards for the global system are going to be placed on the table, and the roughest showdowns will commence.

It seems that the world is no longer able to tolerate the U.S. and Europe’s greed in the economic and political fields. Power shifts were already happening. Post-epidemic, this is going to gain phenomenal speed.

With each and every single development, the “end of the West’s four-century-long global dominance,” the end of the road for them is re-confirmed. Even though the virus emerged in China, even though it came from Asia, it hit the West, the Atlantic circle.

Power, wealth, reputation destroyed. Beware of last great madness!

The cracks in the West’s power, wealth, reputation and progress have all been exposed, leaving behind deep weakness, helplessness, inhumane conditions, desperation, and disgrace.

They no longer have any reassuring, convincing, sympathetic words to say to the world. This is going to make them even more violent and aggressive. They are perhaps going to take action for the last great madness, the last great raid targeting the world’s resources.

However, they are going to find a giant world standing against them. The currently rising world is going to bring them to account for their colonies, genocides, cruelty, and the pain they put humanity through.

These countries that abandoned their own citizens during the pandemic, that failed to produce solutions to their problems cannot possibly have any words of hope to offer humanity now. They no longer have any chance to cover up this deficiency.

No superior mind, superior ideal remains to keep the EU together

The West has always been in conflict within itself. Both world wars were “European civil wars,” the West’s own war within. It will not be any different this time either.

The U.S.-China trade wars are going to evolve into a geopolitical power struggle. They are going to lead to fault ruptures in East Asia, in the Pacific, in Africa, and even within Europe.

The divisions within the European Union are now certain. There is no superior mind, no superior ideal left to keep the EU together. Countries were left to deal with the epidemic on their own. The EU has no moral value left for south European countries such as Italy and Spain. What we call the common European ideal failed to benefit even them, let alone others. They abandoned one another at the first sign of a struggle.

Turkey ran to the aid of the world and humanity, and exhibited greater examples of solidarity compared to all EU countries together. Even this alone is enough to comprehend the new realities of the world.

France threatening Turkey like a pirate

Hence, the countries within Europe are going to reposition themselves to serve their national interests. We are going to further witness pirate-like reckless moves, especially in Africa and North Africa.

Libya is going to be the first example of this. The situation in Libya is about to draw Turkey and France into a showdown area. The Macron administration is openly targeting Turkey. It is threatening Turkey’s presence in the region with its navy and air forces.

‘German influence’ in place of EU. The world is going to limit the US

Germany is going to move further away from the U.S., and strive to solidify its impact, its own influence in relations with Russia and in East Europe. It is going to work toward forming an exclusive “ally circle.”

It seems that plans for “German influence” are being given priority instead of the European Union.

Russia’s dialogue with the U.S., its rapport with China on the U.S.-Russia-China line may determine the new shape of the world. The strong waves of a highly likely Russia-China rapport may hit Europe, the Atlantic’s U.S. shores, and the Pacific region.

This may weaken the U.S.’s power or terribly aggravate the U.S. In any case, it will prove detrimental to the U.S.

Shock waves will hit Pacific

It seems that India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and its vicinity, Indonesia and its island surroundings, East Europe, South Europe, North and Central Africa will be encountering the heavy waves of this power showdown. The gradually ongoing power shift since the 1990s is going to evolve into shock waves.

In this context, a U.S.-China front is going to take shape from Korea to Japan, from the Philippines to Indochina, from Indonesia to Australia, from the north to the south. Of course, the military, political, and economic dimensions of all these showdowns may be huge.

As the epidemic has started to slow down, military showdowns have already started between the U.S. and China in the Pacific, in the South China Sea. Remember the Chinese intelligence report stating that this is the first time war with the U.S. has become such a high possibility.

How did Turkey rise? Clearly, Turkey is the world’s most fortunate country.

While all this is happening, what is in store for Turkey? Where will Turkey stand in the post-epidemic world order? What sort of maneuvering area will all these large-scale conflicts and divisions afford Turkey?

Frankly, Turkey is the world’s most fortunate country. While the epidemic wore down the world’s superpowers, Turkey rose. From its health system to its infrastructure, from its treatment methods to public mobilization, from social solidarity to the state’s “compassion operation,” as well as its worldwide aid distribution, Turkey is currently the most vibrant, most dynamic country that was well-prepared for the coronavirus crisis and addressed it most prudently.

Turkey: Rational, overwhelming rise. There’s no power that can stop us

All the power shifts between the U.S. and China, between the East and the West, between Europe and Russia and Asia, are all to Turkey’s advantage. They are all paving the way for it. Turkey has long laid the foundations of an overwhelming, rational rise.

There is no longer any power that can stop Turkey, whether it be in East Africa to North Africa, or every corner of the Middle East. The Saudi Arabia- UAE front that was established for this purpose is going to lose its position in the new world. It is going to become clear that Turkey cannot be stopped through them. The countries supporting this axis have already realized that this is no longer possible.

Turkish initiative in the Mediterranean: Strongest we’ve been in the last century

A Turkish initiative is going to increase immensely in the East Mediterranean and its vicinity, and in the Mediterranean in general. On both ends of the Mediterranean, the fronts in Libya and Syria are going to become much harsher. We know that the EU and U.S. are not going to be very active in these areas, and that countries such as France are going to be aggressive.

However, Turkey’s hand has never been as strong as it is now. We have never been this powerful since the start of the 20th century. The whole world sees this now.

Steps may be taken to weaken Greece’s position with respect to the Aegean region and the islands. The armament of the island that was transferred to Greece by guaranteeing “disarmament,” especially in the Aegean, may come to the fore as a serious tension.

The statement that “No step can be taken in the Mediterranean without Turkey” is true. No geopolitical or geo-economic plan will work.

Turkey will not allow a ‘Gulf invasion’ in Libya. Libya is key to the Mediterranean

Turkey will never withdraw from Libya. On the contrary, it is going to bring an end to it all. It is going to further boost its power. It must. If there is no Libya, there is no Mediterranean, and it knows this well. This is due to the fact that Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France, and Russia are all trying to push Turkey into a corner in the Mediterranean.

However, Turkish theories and initiatives have long foiled these countries’ games. This is why it is not possible to take steps in projects concerning East Mediterranean energy resources. Turkey has almost locked down the region.

Intense military operations are soon to start along the Syria-Libya line. We are expecting a major clash in Libya, in the Mediterranean. We are anticipating full support from Algeria and Tunisia in Turkey’s move in Libya, because Tunisia is going to be the next target of the UAE-Saudi axis. We cannot possibly allow a “Gulf invasion” in North Africa.

World’s most vibrant, most energetic sovereign. Turkey is just getting started

We might be in a position to redefine Turkey’s relations with France, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

There is still a lot more that we have to discuss about this topic. As the world’s most active, most energetic power, Turkey is becoming much more effective in all areas of global power and in every corner of the region.

We had already formed the infrastructure for all this.

We can easily say:

Turkey is just getting started.

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