Work is underway to set up a 'conservative' Good Party... It is the most comprehensive networking after the July 15 coup attempt... The most dangerous operation after FETÖ... The intervention alliance cannot succeed without a ‘conservative partner’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Work is underway to set up a 'conservative' Good Party... It is the most comprehensive networking after the July 15 coup attempt... The most dangerous operation after FETÖ... The intervention alliance cannot succeed without a ‘conservative partner’

22 August 2019, 10.41
İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül

I am the one who coined and uses the terms “conservative opposition” and “conservative intervention.” There is no doubt that I expressed this with serious concern. I saw how a multinational design was developed to add another tribulation to Turkey’s grave depressions, and how it was implemented. This is the reason behind my concern.

State-nation harmony, and the great rise of power

The majority of the concerns I expressed in my articles in the last two years materialized. The process is ongoing and we are watching it all together. It will continue and the “conservative opposition” formation today is going to turn into the “conservative intervention” when the time comes.

The Republic of Turkey saw a deep-rooted change of the power domain for the first time in its history. Its architects are the conservative political staff and social base. This change paved the way for harmony between the state and nation and the rise of an extraordinary power.

This was an extraordinary leap for Turkey. Truly, for the first time, our country’s biggest problem, which is the area of stress, was replaced by the integration of power. This thus laid the foundation of a new historic rise for Turkey.

This is the reason behind the Gezi Park events, and all interventions that followed

We witnessed the most deep-rooted recovery after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The Seljuk-Ottoman-Republic legacy was entering a new phase, Turkey was settling into its historical and regional domain once again, and had a prominent share on the global power map.

Right at this point, after this intention was revealed, the multinational interventions started. The aim was to drain the new culmination of energy in Turkey, to stop it – or at least slow it down.

This is the reason behind the Gezi Park events as well as all the interventions that followed. The July 15 coup attempt is, for now, the climax of all these. When indirect interventions failed, a switch was made to a method of direct attacks.

They launched a much deeper networking after July 15: A political blinding operation

However, when the July 15 coup attempt failed, there was a switch to a more systematic, widespread networking method that targets social identity and awareness, instead of an intervention in a limited area. Legitimate political parties and movements united with known terrorist organizations on the same axis. Nobody really questioned this unlawful relationship.

Elections turned into a show of the marriage between terrorist organizations and political parties. Turkey also saw the partnerships of political leaders and parties with terrorist organizations, which slaughtered thousands of people.

Such that, parties from all political backgrounds consider an alliance with the same organizations; we were watching an eclipse of the mind. They were taking action with such fury and resentment that nobody had the chance to even think about Turkey’s grand plans. A complete mental operation, political blinding operation was being carried out, and even all those we had known to have common sense were under the effect of this storm.

That alliance did not suffice. A conservative partner had to be found

But the political partnership formed was not enough. Something was missing. A conservative and national ruling government could only be collapsed with the contribution of conservatives – Turkey could only be stopped in this way.

This is why they divided the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and founded the Good Party (İP). That did not suffice either. A conservative partnership had to be established. The Felicity Party’s (SP) power was not enough to achieve this either.

The only option left was to confuse the factions that gave strength to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), who were the architects of Turkey’s great march, offer them other priorities and disperse that power.

Hence, they approached certain conservative classes. They formed areas of support internally and abroad, and hence started to work on them. They have been successful so far, even if partially.

‘Destructive opposition’ discourse. They have no political theory. It’s being built for intervention

They started to use the “destructive opposition” discourse through certain figures resentful of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AK Party. Note the union of language and priority between these conservative groups and the formerly established alliance.

What is worse is the parallelism and similarity of the stance between them and the discourses of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

The “conservative opposition” has not been formed for a better Turkey. It has been formed to stop Turkey, to give strength to the existing alliance and fill in what it lacks.

We are yet to see them present a political theory. All we have seen is their function to form an operation field using “destructive oppositional discourse.”

They sided with the US, West in every field against Turkey

They were right in the midst of things when the Syrian war was being launched. Now, they abandoned Turkey and took position against it. You will not hear a single word from them against the terror zone in the north of Syria. They will not make a single comment against those sieging us from the East Mediterranean.

They acted together with the U.S. against Turkey’s defense needs, its self-defense efforts. They started to use the discourse which was used during the Gezi Park events against our country. But it was all revealed when an intervention was made on the financing of terrorism under the guise of democracy.

We saw all the interventions, destruction in our region in the last 25 years that were conducted under the guise of democracy. The same is being done to Turkey. They are all holding onto the sanctity of democracy. They don’t give a twopence about Turkey. They do not care about this country’s integrity, its future, or the threats it faces.

The plan to cause a conflict between conservatives and the state

There is actually a multinational project they are concealing beneath anti-Erdoğan sentiment. They are in full partnership with the U.S., Europe, and their extensions in Turkey and the region.

This networking in politics, the media, bureaucracy, the business world and nongovernmental organizations is also a plan to draw conservative groups to a multinational operation field.

Treacherous trap: Most dangerous operation after FETÖ

The plan to use the main power domain ongoing since the Seljuks, the historical domain against Turkey, which has taken action and is rising once again This is a treacherous trap.

This is the most serious, most dangerous multinational domain after the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). This is the aim. The moment the formation of the “conservative opposition” is complete, action will be taken for an “intervention.”

This is the post- July 15 project . This is a greater plan than the coup attempt – a more serious preparation. They are going to break Turkey’s backbone and use some of them as a patch for the intervention plan.

The plan to establish a conservative ‘Good Party’

Therefore, there is no political opposition or action. There is also a plan to establish the “Good Party” of the conservatives. Once that is done, we will see how the multinational alliance will be completed, the intervention stage will be launched and this country will be stopped. That is when today’s “conservative opposition” will turn into the “conservative intervention.”

And this will go down in history as the new multinational attack, the operation to stop Turkey. Turkey is still going to continue its great march, but they are going to take their place on the wrong pages of history.

Everyone should take another good look at where they stand

Conservative, national groups should be on alert against those who want to use them as tools of a foreign intervention, regardless of the guise, regardless of the political identity.

This intervention is not possible without them. Thus, all the games are being played through them.

A great showdown is going to happen. Everybody should determine where they stand, based not on their anger and resentments, but on their historical responsibilities.

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