After the hadith, now the Quran has become a topic of debate! - YUSUF KAPLAN

After the hadith, now the Quran has become a topic of debate!

28 December 2018, 09.55
Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan

Pandora's box has been opened: As we drew attention for years in this column, after hadith, now the Quran has started to become a topic of debate.

Opening to debate the hadith and Quran, the founding sources of Islam, at such a tough and horrific time when the Muslim world is turned in to a bloodbath, is being torn apart by means of dividing it into smaller segments by the day, at a time the sectarian and tribal ties of Muslims are being frayed and they are being pitted against each other, is the biggest disaster that could befall Muslims.

Invasions, blood and tears are all over the Muslim world; despair looms in its every corner; and almost all Muslims are turning their eyes to Turkey for hope, but certain groups, either tasked or imprudent, are opening to debate Muslims' founding sources.

What kind of a state of contempt is this?

What kind of blindness, soullessness, and carefreeness is this?

Muslims are in a terrible state and instead of pondering upon how we can get out of this annihilation struggle, instead of struggling to show the ways that will end the oppressed Muslim world's pain and boost its hope, how can you show the imprudence that will collapse the Islamic backbone of this community - which the Muslim world looks to as hope despite everything - and how can you lay the building blocks that will rapidly distance masses, and particularly the youth from Islam? It really leaves one speechless.

Taking the Quran from Muslims!

More than a century ago, Gladstone picks up Quran at the British House of Commons and says, "Unless we take the Quran away from Muslims, we cannot defeat them."

Well, how is the Quran going to be taken from Muslims?

First, by distancing Quran from the lives of Muslims.

Then by twisting Islamic perceptions and opening the Quran to debate and hence distancing Muslims from the Quran.

From political slavery to epistemical slavery

We should know well that there is no place called the Muslim world. The "Muslim world" is not a world that Islam shapes but a world that colonialists shape. The Muslim world has been slave for two centuries.

After political slavery, the Muslim world is now going through a period of epistemical slavery.

The most striking example of this is us viewing our own world, our own history, our own civilization and as a matter of fact, the society in which we live through Western/secular mindsets, perspectives and terms.

Epistemical slavery is like this. Yet, you cannot build your own world with the terms and views of others. What's more, let alone now being able to understand your own world, you cannot avoid destroying your own world and making it unrecognizable.

The most horrific example of this is looking at Islam, Islam's founding sources, hadith and the Quran, with Western mindsets and views.

As a matter of fact, looking at the Quran with Western terms and views at a time period of epistemological fracture and ontological disconnection, which the Muslim mind, the ground to live as Muslims and the Muslim time are becoming extinct, is epistemical murder.

The Quran cannot be understood through Western methodologies like historicism and hermeneutics - on the contrary, it becomes confusing.

The most fundamental reason for this is that the Bible and the Quran have different ontological positions: The Bible was written by people; the Quran was revealed by God. The matter is as clear as this.

There are orientalists who claim that the Quran was not revealed but written by Prophet Muhammad. They have been working on this for centuries, but they could not present anything to prove their claim. As a result, the Bible has been turned into scrap through historicist and hermeneutic approaches.

You can apply disciplines such as historicism and hermeneutics to the Bible, but not to the Quran.

They tried but they could not achieve a result.

And our local orientalists who are acting as the voluntary agents of orientalists, are extremely shallow and vulgar.

This is suicide!

At a time when the Muslim world sees us as hope, discussing the founding sources of Islam will lead to nothing but instigating the fire of disorder and wasting our energy.

Also, it is impossible to not see how continuing these discussions on television and social media is shaking the faith of the masses, and especially the young generation.

We have more radical, more existential matters: The Muslim world is in a miserable state. Blood, tears and internal conflicts are dominant all around.

If we drown in such dangerous discussions, then that will shake the faith of the masses and young generations at such a tough period; we will be destroyed.

Opening to debate Islam's founding sources, while we should instead be contemplating the vital matter of how to lay the building blocks of a comprehensive, multilateral, deep ideological revival and existence journey that will liberate the oppressed Muslim world, that will help it regain its strength and offer humanity the civilization of compassion, and that will break waves and make waves right at a time in which all religions are fossilized, at a time the world feels dire need for the universal message of Islam, which gives everybody the right to life, when we do not reprimand anybody for their belief, at a time when Muslim nations look to Turkey as a beacon of hope, , is in a single word, suicide.

Let us please come to our senses!

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